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How to renew your UK passport online?

If you are living in the UK, you can renew your uk passport in two ways: with a paper form by post or online.

By submitting your form online. What is more, the online application is less time consuming.

To apply online you’ll need:

  1. a digital photo of you
  2. supporting documents
  3. a credit or debit card
  4. someone who can confirm your identity
  5. buy UK passport

Valid digital photo

In order to use your passport for traveling, your digital photo has to comply also with the ICAO’s (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards. Photo booths cannot 100% guarantee that your photo will be valid and professional photographer’s ask a fair fee for their services. One of 3 most common application decline reasons is invalid photo.

By using our app, you can be 100% assured that it will be accepted by the UK government and conveniently come to your mail box in digital format.

Supporting documents

You must send documents in original format to the Passport office and they will be sent back separately from your passport. If you don’t have the original copy, you need to get a certified copy, and if your document is not in English, you must get a certified translation.

Who can confirm your identity?

After you’ve paid and submitted your application, you’ll need to ask someone to confirm your identity. You should inform this person that an email will be sent by the HM Passport Office with instructions how to confirm you identity ( photo signing is not needed). It should take about 10 minutes.

But before choosing that person, keep in mind that this person must know you as a neighbor, friend or work colleague and work in a “recognized field” of work. Equally bare in your mind that your life partner cannot be the person confirming your identity. Learn more details about the person’s requirements here.

It might be useful to consult this guidance booklet before submitting your application as it contains valuable information of how to avoid common mistakes that delay the process.

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